Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Teacher Conferences!!

Those teacher conferences can be pretty intense. While we have met the teachers for Joshua and Zachary, you never know what surprise may be lurking when the door closes. So, here's the low down . . .

Zachary was first, with Ms. Townsend, 2nd grade. We had concerns about the grading system. We were used to progress reports in Ashland and Dearborn, but in Alexandria, they use letter grades. It's a little more intimidating for the parents, I think. We also had some questions about answers which were marked incorrect, which we didn't understand. We try to never question a teacher's competence, we just want to help our children to do their best.

We had a good meeting, no real issues in the end and Zachary ended up getting a report card which read
1 - B
1 - B+
1 - A-
5 - A

Not bad. We'll take it. He did a good job for his first 9 weeks at a new school. We learned he is a little talkative and tries to make his small group laugh, sounds like my child.

Next was on to the intermediate school and Joshua's conference with Mrs. Long, 4th grade. We went in with no real questions. Turns out Joshua was the ONLY, may I repeat, the ONLY 4th grader with all A's on his report card. WOW!! We are so proud of him for his accomplishments. Mrs. Long said for this being his 3rd school he is doing great.

Now to the real issue about parenting. I wanted to BRAG about my kids . . . do you?

I grew up in a home where my dad said, 'let others brag about you, I won't.' I don't agree with that philosophy. Of course, you don't want to brag about every little thing, just the biggies, and I believe you should let them hear you telling others about their accomplishments, it builds their self-esteem.

Anyway, thought I would brag to all of you about my boys. We were proud of them, not sure where the smarts come from, (you can guess on that one) but that is another day and another blog.

Have a great Wednesday!

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