Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Reflections

Well, 2 hours and 38 minutes to 2008. Some closing thoughts about the good of 2007 . . .
  1. Met a group from Alec in February at Terre Haute and life would forever change.
  2. Zachary's cool birthday in March.
  3. April saw us coming to Alec to candidate and be asked to move here!! Wahoo!!!
  4. Telling Dearborn we were leaving, a tough, but good day.
  5. Mother's Day . . . my mom died on Mother's Day, but don't feel sorry for me, she was a great mom, she gave me my love and to die on Mother's Day was kind of a tribute to her.
  6. Finding our home to purchase in Alec. We are blessed and happy here.
  7. June 3 was my final sermon at FBC-Dearborn, along with some parties.
  8. June 20-21 our move to Alexandria and the many people helping clean and fix up our home . . . who can you say thank you besides saying thank you from your heart.
  9. The joy of having friends see you off and say shalom, not good-bye!
  10. A trip to Green Lake, Wi. for my final leadership conference called CECL (I never understood what the letters meant) - actually I think it stood for Center for Excellence in Congregational Leadership. A great experience to attend 6 conferences and met pastors who have become friends, even some from Indiana.
  11. Saying good-bye to Cliff and his send off was a blessing. Along with the Steve Green concert.
  12. Experiencing FBC at its best in giving grace. A beautiful moment in a difficult time.
  13. August means Debbie's birthday and our anniversary! I am the luckiest guy around.
  14. The boys started school, Joshua is in football, Zachary in soccer, Debbie is subbing.
  15. My installation was in October with some friends coming from Dearborn to share in the weekend, especially Nina, who is battling cancer. What a joy!
  16. Having the Gaither's premiere of "How Great Thou Art" at FBC and our greeting and help overwhelmed them. Go team!!
  17. November saw my birthday and a year older, but a year wiser . . . okay a year to be more of a 'wiseguy' aka Curly.
  18. Baptizing Joshua was an amazing experience. I wish every person could baptize their own child, spouse or parent. Actually, I don't see why not!! Hmm. . .
  19. November saw Joshua's birthday and a trip to see Debbie's dad in Alabama and a visit to Huntsville Rocket Center.
  20. The trip also featured a great driving over a ladder as God's way of protecting us for the trip home. The providence of God will never be understood, just accept it.
  21. A great Christmas with family and friends.
  22. Saying good-bye, and shalom to Ernie.
  23. Being blessed by God everyday!
  24. Making many new friends in Alec.
  25. Knowing I have touched some lives is always more powerful of an experience than I can ever imagine.
  26. Having Joshua just come in and give me a hug and say "I love you." Zachary then doing the same.
  27. Watching football with the boys tomorrow (1/1).
  28. Looking forward to what 2008 will bring. I know there will be lots of hard work, but great success in following God's plan for us.
  29. I AM EXCITED!!
  30. I know there is more, but I didn't plan on writing all this so, anything forgotten . . . sorry!

Thank you for being part of my blog . . . for listening, readying and accepting me!

May 2008 be a year filled with greatness as you and I draw ever closer to Almighty God, the LORD of Hosts.


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