Thursday, December 13, 2007

21 Days of John - The End!

Folks, I hope this has been helpful to you. Thanks for listening to my rantings. I really hope this helped you gain a little better picture of John and what he is calling us to be and do.

If this has been helpful, let me know. Not for my praise, but I just want to know what helps, what does not. If something else would be more beneficial let me know.

Next year we will read through the Bible together and I will send a daily journal (thoughts) about those passages. It will not follow the SOAP acronym, too much scripture makes it hard to pinpoint one or two verses.

Let others know about this. You don't have to attend our church or even church to be part of the blog. I'd love to have lots of subscribers and comments from you all.

So . . . if you have a comment, let me know via the comments on the blog; or send me an email at



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