Thursday, December 06, 2007

Random Thoughts

What's this with late school days and canceled classes; and even canceled church?
Joshua and Zachary had fun in the snow. Zachary said he drew (with his body) a picture of the nativity, with Mary, Joseph, Jesus and a star. I would liked to have seen this.

The side roads were pretty slick last night. Stay safe and stay warm.

Christmas can now officially begin. It has snowed.
I have not been a Scrooge. Our tree is up and lights are on, ornaments go on tonight.

We will have new bulletins for next year. They will be 11x17. Much larger with virtually no inserts. This cuts down on paper and office time. They will look cool.

I am hoping for a huge, huge turnout on Christmas Eve. This is our time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but more than that, it is a great, great opportunity to meet people who are seeking Jesus, to love them and welcome them. Let's not miss this opportunity. be ready to greet, to embrace to welcome . . . to celebrate.

My message will be fun and exciting and will call for a response. And the answer to the question I ask may surprise you.

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