Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

I was reminded I had not posted for a few days . . . yikes!!
  • Looking forward to Christmas? I am!
  • Reflections of God coming to earth, just for you and me.
  • Does it get any better than that?!
  • Consider when God was doing His best work in your life . . . when was it?
  • How did you react to God's intervention in your life?
  • What's with all of these 2 hour delays? Never heard of these until we landed in Indiana.
  • Have I recently said the Bears are pathetic! Well, they are!
  • Tonight I asked Debbie "where did I find you?" She is just too nice of a person!
  • Amazing how blessed I am to have her!!:-)
  • I can't wait to see Joshua and Zachary on Christmas morning, for that matter Debbie, too!
  • Joshua played percussion in the school band concert tonight. He was awesome. I could see him tapping his toes and nodding his head to keep the beat. Never for me. He's got more rhythm than I'll ever have.
  • I am working on my doctorate. I am feeling the pressure, so pray for me . . . pray for the family. I have lots of reading and writing to do between now and Feb 28. I need to order about 10 more books, I found one online, written in 1871 - geesh!
  • I will be starting my project in church on January 6 and for the next 13 out of 16 weeks. We will be looking at 11 different spiritual disciplines. I will be writing sermons and Sunday School curriculum for each. All adult classes will be asked to participate in this and do three surveys about spiritual disciplines. I'll talk more about it on Sunday. I was going to do that last Sunday, but no church.
  • I hated, oops, I really disliked canceling church on Sunday, but think it was for the best. At one point I wanted to call people and say come to church at noon, but that would not have worked. Oh well.
    • Are you ready for Christmas? I am!
    • Looking forward to Sunday!!

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