Tuesday, December 18, 2007


A busy but good day!!

Sometimes personalities can dominate our lives. Often times the most dominant personality is ours. Ever realize that? Yet, at the same time we need to ask and ask again, then ask again, 'God, what is my role?' Where am I called to serve, to mentor, to witness, to lead, to stand back, to . . .'

Personalities, they are a gift from God, they help make us unique, one of a kind. How cool God is for the way He went about creating us . . . in His image. Can't wait to see all of the ways we are created in His image, since I really believe we will be surprised to learn about God's uniqueness when we all get to heaven.

Speaking of personalities, I am realizing this more and more about my 2 boys . . . WOW!! They amaze me with some of the things they do. And those are the good things. A couple of thoughts ~
  1. Now that Joshua is 10, and before, he does not want mom and dad doting on him, hugging him, touching him in public, yet, when it is my night to put him and Zachary to sleep, he can't wait for me to get in bed with him and put his arms around me. It's as if he can't get enough physical contact. I knew a long time ago, and he is confirming it, one of his love languages is 'touch.' It's a special time for us.
  2. Every day Zachary seems to come home with a picture for Debbie or some drawing that he did in school. He's another one who says 'don't touch me,' yet can't wait for the physical contact. Although I would say touch is his secondary love language. His first would be quality time. He can't wait to just play with me.
  3. Simply put, it would be great if we all knew our children's our spouse's 5 Languages of Love.

Today I also went to the Anderson University Library and was blessed to receive a guest library membership. I can check out 5 books at a time. . . lucky me. I checked out 5 today for my doctorate, including 2 almost 700 page books on the History of Christian Spirituality, good bedtime reading. Plus books written in 1871 and 1895. I can hear your violins playing for me now. I turned one book away because I could not pronounce the name of some chapters (never a good sign).

That's about it from my corner of the world, time for bed. Remember me in prayer, remember the church in prayer as we have our business meeting tomorrow night. Business meetings are a great reminder that the church is not at all about us, it's about God entrusting us sinners to bring His message to those who are not yet believers in Jesus. The church is about our redemption, our transformation from hell bound sinner to heaven bound sinner, simply because God loves us . . . yesterday, today and tomorrow, and He will never change!


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