Thursday, April 17, 2008

Business Meetings

I have never been a fan of business meetings, I see too many become disruptive, but I have really appreciated the opportunity to share more and more of the vision God is planting within me. I spend a lot of time preparing for these meetings, more than I do for a Bible Study. But I really believe there will be great benefits in the long run for the church.

So, thanks for listening last night. A quick recap would be to look at the following websites -

I spoke about the needs in our community and what we can do to have a common vision, because I know we are doing lots of great things, but we are also competing with one another for time, people and money; and that is not healthy.

Since that meeting, I feel much more at ease. I was feeling very burdened about the meeting and feeling broken because of the many needs which are not being met in Alexandria. I am hoping to have more small group meetings and have more people get on board to do ministry, active ministry as a church in Alexandria. That excites me!!

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