Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Systematic Theology

I have really been intrigued more lately about theology. The books I read in seminary were not very helpful. As I have been reading for my doctorate, I have become more excited about just reading a 1300 page theology book. It may sound boring, but it has me really excited, so after I am finished writing my doctorate, I will take an extended time to read theology. My plan is to read 3 or 4 theologies ~ each author's name is linked to their theology book available for purchase at www.christianbook.com or amazon.com

1 - Millard Erickson - Christian Theology. He looks at theology from a Calvinistic (reformed) view and compares it to Arminianism (more Wesleyanism)

2 - Louis Berkhoff - Systematic Theology. This is the grand daddy of reformed theology. It is considered the best of all reformed theology.

3 - Wayne Grudem - Systematic Theology. This is also more of a reformed theology with an evangelical twist.

4. Tom Oden - Systematic Theology (3 volumes) - He comes from a Methodist / Wesleyan view.

If you've read theology, who is your favorite. I am also thinking of doing a basic class in classical theology to help us understand more about our faith.

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