Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disturbing and Troubling News at Home

I learned last night and again today, my little, young innocent first born child, named Joshua, has now been asked on 2, that's right 2 dates. Aaaahhh, he takes after his daddy, a studly man! But, seriously folks, I was not thinking about addressing this stuff for maybe 10-15 years.

Yikes!!! Any unsolicited advice would be welcome, of course, we'll do what we want, but just not sure what we'll do.

The only advice I told Joshua tonight was "never, never, put a girl down, and you don't talk about a girl to the other boys." Hopefully some of that connected, but I'm not ready for this.

Joshua did tell both girls "no", and one of them wants to talk to Joshua at recess tomorrow (gulp). More on the social life of my child later.


  1. Oh dear. This is much too early. My daughter is in first grade and has already gotten phone calls from a boy. And he gave her a mood ring. I'm not ready for this. On the one hand, I can see why anyone would adore her. She's beautiful in spirit, personality, and visage. But on the other hand, SHE'S MY LITTLE GIRL! Back off little boys!

    I know it's not really the Baptist way, but I'm thinking about sending her to a convent.

    I like the advice you gave your son. Very thoughtful. Two more bits of advice for boys who don't want to go out with a certain girl: Don't ever laugh when a girl asks you out or says she likes you. And don't just pretend she never asked either.

    Good luck!

  2. First grade is way too early. It's amazing that some of Joshua's friends have cell phones and talk to their 'girl friends' everyday. I think they are way too young for all of this.

    Thanks for your 2 cents. He needs first and foremost to respect all people.

    Good luck too, maybe we could start the first Baptist Convent; instead of American Baptist Churches (ABC) it could be American Baptist Convents, still ABC.


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