Monday, April 14, 2008

The National Park World Versus the Jungle

I received an interesting blog from one of my mentors about the church world. Bill Easum believes some view the church as a National Park, while others view it as a Jungle. What are your thoughts ~

Consider The following comparisons:

National Park World

Are neatly laid out

Predictable and slow to change

Warn you about dangers animals

Provide adequate shelter

National parks change very slowly

You are entitled to the experience because your taxes paid for it

National Parks can be traveled alone

You don’t need a compass or GPS

When you look up you can see the horizon

No problem seeing the horizon

You don’t need a compass

There are no bottom lines

People aren’t totally broken

Christianity is King and Queen

The Jungle

Nothing is neatly laid out

Nothing is predictable and changes are fast

Predators are everywhere

You are on your own for shelter

Changes from day to day

You’re not entitled to be there because it belongs to the animals

No one goes into the Jungle alone

You have to have a compass or GPS

When you look up you cant see the sky much less the horizon

Most people are basically broken

Values no longer are ultimate or universal

There is no bottom line

Christianity is nobody to the culture

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