Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lunch with Joshua

Had lunch with Joshua, a Subway sandwich, one of his favorite places. Ate with him and about 7 friends. It's fun and interesting to watch Joshua interact on his turf with his friends, and I act as an observer. Although, two times I questioned Joshua on things. Once, when a girl was talking to him and he seemed to ignore her. . . I know he's at that weird stage in life, but you don't ignore people.

Then I had the privilege of having Joshua, or Deutsch, as many of his friends call him tell me I could go outside and play football with them. I heard a couple of the boys in the game say, 'he's good.' It builds a little of the ego for me, but is great that I still have the energy and ability to go out there and that my child wants me to be out there. Oh, the other issue was an attitude issue during the game. Joshua gets upset when things don't go his way. But he did run back a kickoff for a touchdown and caught one of my passes for another.

I also saw the girl who likes him. Time well spent. It leads me to wonder about anyone with children in their lives, whether younger or older, are you spending time with them, making a difference, just by letting them know you care? Have you said "I love you" lately? If not, don't wait, do it today!!

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