Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Reflections

I think today everyone needed a jolt. It seemed quiet and almost like the cold rainy weather hit everyone and we were a notch off.

While nobody messed up on anything, it seemed people were tired or something. Not sure what it was, but we'll definitely spice things up next week.

It was a long day, Doug, Damon (thanks for driving) and I went to the N.E. Area Annual meeting in Fort Wayne. It was not very exciting, so we did it, we tried it, and that is that for that!!!

Anyway, I hope to go to sleep early tonight. Joshua was sick on Saturday morning, 101 temp, and it was back again this afternoon. Otherwise, we're all good. It was good to see Debbie's sister Sue, we always have fun with her. Good pitch in with the joy and branch class; and great to have the John and Jan come forward to join the church.

Next Sunday I will be baptizing Sue Baker, I look forward to that. I also want to begin offering baptisms on the final Sunday of each month - it would be good to keep that out in front of folks.

Have a great week . . . and make a difference for Jesus!!

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