Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ball game blues

After a wow game last week, the Eagles have been flying pretty low. Another loss tonight, 5 walks one error and only one hit in one inning led to their demise, plus some poor hitting. In fact, I would call it no hitting at all. They lost 6-3. That's two losses in a row to teams they could beat.

One player on Joshua's team struck out without swinging and his dad grounded him for 3 weeks. You know, as much as I want Joshua to hit the ball and be a star, this is getting a little ridiculous. That boy is not a star, and even if he is, he's really just a kid wanting to try and play ball and have fun and do well.

I know I put pressure on the boys at times, I know what they can do better than they do, but if they ever don't want to play, that's okay with me, too. Just go out, do your best and have fun, win or lose.

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