Monday, June 16, 2008

The Tiger E(A)ffect

Did you see the US Open Golf tournament yesterday? Tiger Woods is amazing. He needed to make a 15 foot putt to force a tie and go t oa Monday playoff and he made the putt. In fact the guy who was winning (who is ranked 158th in the world, Tiger is 1) watched it in the clubhouse and said "I expected him to make it." Someone then added, "well, he's Tiger Woods."

How amazing to have people expect you to make it because you have proven yourself already. When Woods was asked about his bad start to the day, he shrugged it off and said, he knew if he could play even par he would win. He was one off from even, and he would have won.

Imagine the affect Woods will have playing this guy (Rocco Mediate) who has never won a major championship, competing head to head against a guy who has 13 majors. The effect of Woods certainly has an affect on his competition.

Woods relishes the pressure, simply because he does not see it as pressure, and plays right through it. He practices and practices and practices. Recall the video on the final Sunday of the spiritual discipline series about Woods.

Think about how dedicated we are to our spiritual lives and how the pressure of life should draw us even closer to God.

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