Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunday Reflections

I was really moved by the video we watched in the evening service. Ed Young was brutally blunt, and I loved it. His one prayer for the church was for the church "to wake up!" I wish everyone in the morning service could see it. He spoke to me as well as anyone about waking up from our spiritual slumber. He went so far as to proclaim if you don't tithe and serve in the church, he does not consider you a member of the church, "you are just taking up dust on the church rolls." That is an in your face comment. Anyone who wants to watch it, even in a Sunday School class, is welcome to borrow it. The message was about 27 minutes long.

It's always fun doing child dedications, hoping the little ones don't scream and cry. It's amazing the great responsibility God gives to people to parent children. I am awestruck when I look at Joshua and Zachary and see how they are growing.

We had fun at the swim party at the Dickey's. They put on quite a spread, we had lots of fun, eating and splashing and just hanging out in the heat.

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