Monday, June 16, 2008

Church invite

On Saturday I was talking to a car salesman, looking at cars and talking to the sales manager, we were talking about religion, they knew I was a pastor, and the salesman and I spoke at length about faith, marriage, etc. I invited him to church, and how cool to see him and his wife walk into church yesterday morning.

It's not always easy to walk into a church for the first time, but glad they came.

Last week I had 3 significant conversation about Jesus with other people. That's not as much as I would like, but hopefully them make an impact. One of them I mentioned earlier is the banker. She said she will come to church, so I am looking for her to come and will find more reason to get to the bank. Maybe I'll need to get a crisp, clean $100 bill.

So . . . who are you talking to about Jesus?
Are you talking to anyone about who Jesus is in your life?

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