Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baseball Games

Quite a night at the ball yard. Joshua's team won 5-0. Joshua was walked once and struck out once. The time he walked, he tried to score from 3rd on a passed ball, but was out at home. His coach was not happy since he told him not to go. A good learning tool!!

Actually two of the coaches made mistakes and had runners thrown out in the game.

In Zachary's game he was 3 for 3. All singles, he did well to hit the ball. He's getting there. He really had to run hard to beat out one of the hits. He then over-ran second base and was heartbroken since it was in the last inning, and they lost 9-6.

I told him it was a good learning tool. He made a mistake and he'll probably never overrun 2nd or 3rd again. It made me think about my mistakes. . . how many times have I learned from them, or have I repeated them over and over again?

How about you, are you learning from your mistakes, or making them again and again?

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