Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today I had 3 great conversations (God situations) with people I am trying to lead into church. Sometimes we don't realize how these contacts make a difference with others. I'll try to recap quickly ~
  • 1. My car salesman and I were talking more about church than about getting my new car. He apologized for not being in church, but said I would see more of him. Didn't expect this to happen when we first met, yet, God has very specific plans. We need to move with God's direction.
  • This leads to the very simple thought / question . . . are we connected to God, so we can follow His leading?
  • 2. I received a call from my banker who wanted to talk about her health, her need for prayer, and a desire to give to the church, notwithstanding our bank account. After talking on the phone, I asked her if I could pray for her, I could tell she was tearful in the end. Debbie really made the first contact, but now we are tag teaming her. So . . . we are working on the car salesman and banker.
  • 3. Then we are at baseball all star practice today and I guy I met through football whose son is also on the team is having back surgery on Thursday. I told him I'd be there for him, he tells me he's a little anxious about it, so after shaking hands, I gave him a hug, he's much bigger than me, and simply said a prayer for him. Afterwards, I told him whatever he needs we'll be there . . . pick up his son for practice, food, whatever.

    It's interesting that no other man he mentioned his surgery to offered to pray or offered to pick up his son. Not that I am better, but that is what the church should be about.

So, it was a good day of contacts with people who are just outside the walls of the church, but moving ever so closer to the church.

Going back to the initial question . . . who are you having spiritual conversations with? Who needs to know about Christ through the way you are living your life?

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