Friday, December 05, 2008

GM, Ford, Chrysler

I read the following about GM . . .

"When General Motors released its 37-page plan for restructuring observers immediately began to scratch their heads. The plan calls for plant closures, brand cut-backs and layoffs--but it is wholly silent on the details of where and when, and very little on why. In sum, this is a very long memo that could have been summarized in two words: "Trust us."

Sadly, we don't, and neither should Congress. A bailout might make sense for Detroit if what emerges from painful pruning looks like a viable car company with a coherent set of brands and a modern manufacturing base and streamlined workforce.

But GM hasn't provided the details any reasonable lawmaker or interested citizen would need to pass judgment on the proposed plan.

Congress should help GM, and Ford and Chrysler--but only if it makes sense. That conclusion will require a great deal more detail than has been provided to date."

It seems to me the church operates a lot like that GM plan, we don't set many concrete goals, we need to do that and that will be part of next year's plan for me and committees and church leadership - - we need far more accountability for what areas of responsibility and authority.

Secondly, back to the automakers, if congress bailed out the banks and loan companies who were fraudulent, then they should bail out the automakers who were just stupid, not stealing.

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