Friday, December 19, 2008

Living Rich for Less

Living Rich for Less is a wonderful and practical book. Especially during our difficult financial times, this book comes at the right time.

The book is filled with practical tips to help each person save money, even on the most modest incomes. When you hear the story of Ellie Kay, you will realize what she did and how she helped her family save thousands of dollars.

This book falls in line with our classes from Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey.

For example, Ellie was able to help her family eliminate $40,000 of debt in just two years on one income; they paid cash for 11 different cars; gave 3 of those cars away, bought 2 five-bedroom homes; took regular family vacations, nicely furnished their home, clothed their kids in style, and supported more than thirty nonprofit organizations in a dozen different countries by giving away more than $100,000. WOW!!!

Think about what we could do if we saved our money, and honored God with our money!

Ellie shares the 10/10/80 rule - giving 10 percent, saving 10 percent and spending smart the remaining 80 percent of your income.

She separates the book into those three sections; spending, saving, and giving. As I said, the tips are great, as I underlined many sections and will use this book as a reference to help my family be better stewards with the blessings and money God has provided us with.

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