Friday, December 12, 2008

Lessons from the Alchemist

Paulo Coelho in his book, The Alchemist, which has sold 65 million copies, in 67 languages, tells the story of a shepherd boy and his quest to live his dream. Along the way, the boy meets an alchemist who has the power to inspire personal transformation. This Alchemist gives the boy a number of life’s lessons - lessons that are as fresh and applicable today as they were hundreds of years ago. The lessons by themselves are interesting, but it’s only when they are applied, that the power of personal transformation can be unleashed.

So what can Paulo teach us about life and pursing dreams in the face of obstacles that caused 65 million people to buy his book? Consider how these 12 lessons may help you in your walk with Christ.

  1. It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.
  2. Support your children in pursuit of their dreams.
  3. There is nothing to hold you back, except yourself.
  4. There is only one way to learn, and that is through action.
  5. Trust your gut, your heart .
  6. Follow your dreams.
  7. Know what you want.
  8. Make a decision and dive in with massive action.
  9. Move on - always look forward.
  10. You will encounter obstacles and take detours while realizing your dreams.
  11. Don’t fear the unknown.
  12. Learn to understand the universal language - the language without words.

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