Thursday, December 04, 2008

"I don't believe...but I want to give back"

"I don't believe...but I want to give back"

World_hands Pastor Dave Ferguson in Naperville, IL wrote about an encounter he has with some new attenders at the church he pastors. The new attenders said, "I'm pretty sure that I don't really believe all the stuff that you believe...but I'm here because I feel a need to serve and I want to give back."

What is your reaction to this conversation? Do you think this is a trend or do you think this is just two isolated conversations?

Do you even think this should be allowed in the church . . . allow nonbelievers to serve?

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  1. I think there has to be a way they can serve, because I would hope that through serving with believers they, in turn, would become a believer. But I do believe this could get dangerous.

    If someone openly doesn't believe, they should not be a leader of anything in the church. They would become a distraction at best, and a stumbling block at worst.

    Only God knows the inner workings of our heart, but if we espouse a belief that runs counter to the church's very foundation, then what does that say to others who don't know Jesus? And doesn't that say something negative about a person that does serve in a ministry that they have no belief in?

    I would hope that the non-believer could be swayed to know Jesus as their Saviour (and maybe they have a place in service), but I do think it could be a dangerous game for the church to play. I think that any ministry that is truly working for the Lord will be tested by Satan. When that happens, it can be hard enough for a Christian to stay on track, but what is there to guide that non-believer?


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