Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday Reflections

I have not blogged recently, too many late nights and too much tiredness at the end of the day.

This was a good weekend. Played football with Joshua and Zachary yesterday. Mostly Joshua and again today. Joshua enjoys running pass patterns and I play quarterback. It's always been a dream to play catch like we are. He's getting better and his arm has greatly improved. I made sure to tell him that tonight.

Speaking of which, some of the best moments come when I lay down for 15 minutes with each boy when it is sleep time. We laugh, we talk and I try to be an encouragement to them. It's fun to snuggle with them, since I know those days won't last forever, but hopefully they will remember them forever.

I was not sure how people would take the video and message and having bread for communion. I was hoping people would not see me as irreverent, but really trying to be more reverent and relevant. Amazing that nobody passed out or fainted from discussions about money and possessions. We'll do more next Sunday, hopefully going deeper, but no videos. Much thanks to Damon for helping with that. He filmed and edited. I owe you one!!

Tonight was fun talking about my childhood and Jewish upbringing, although I found myself ready to cry at a couple of points when I spoke of the Holocaust and my mom's reactions to it. It's amazing when emotions come upon us in such a powerful way, it really caught me off guard. I was torn with talking about my life and story and sharing about Judaism. Next week we'll end it, and I will talk more about heaven, hell, the afterlife, and other differences between Jews and Christians.

I'm looking forward to the week, especially to the Spiritual Gifts class, it's getting a little deeper and hopefully more challenging for people to look a little deeper at their lives and stories and giftedness.

Have a great week. Remember to vote on Tuesday.

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