Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Echo Within

The Echo Within: Finding Your True Calling by Robert Benson was an easy book to read, yet he stretched me by forcing me to think and feel with my right brain. How often do we seek our calling from God in a very linear pattern? That's my natural way of looking at life, it's part of my nature to grasp after things in a linear way, even to envision the future can become a linear process if we are not careful and wise to reflect upon other ways to draw closer to God's call.

Benson has a way of leading you down a path and before you know it, your there . . . the door is open and God is waiting to greet you and simply 'be with you.'

The book is poetic, yet it is not poetry. Benson describes how we can better listen to the voice of God through the exploration of what is natural, i.e., listening, waking, hearing, being, looking, waiting, living, knowing, choosing, and dreaming. Those are all of the chapter titles.

Benson takes his own life situations and humorously and seriously helps us to focus on God as He seeks to use our gifts, talents, passions and unique calling to connect with God and find fulfillment in life.

This is a short 179 page book which could will help you see how God has fearfully and wonderfully created you in all of your uniqueness.

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  1. Robert Benson24/3/09 4:41 PM

    Thank you for taking the time to read the book in the first place, and for your kind words about the work, and for sharing it with your friends.

    Namaste —

    R. Benson


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