Friday, February 06, 2009


I mentioned in the last email that this would be the final email regarding Zachary, trying to be hopeful, well, I think the prayer and medication has kicked in.

When I spoke to Debbie, Zachary was sitting at the table doing homework, which was an impossibility the past two days. He feels much better. He has had a little bite to eat, drank some liquids and has kept it down. We're not sure about his ketones since he has not yet gone to the bathroom, but I think they will be down as well. His blood sugar was only 58 this morning, but that is a sign his body is working and he was not high, which would increase the ketone concern. Having ketones adds acid into your body which causes more than just pain.

Thank you for your prayers, emails, stopping by, etc. We've heard from new friends who have offered their home and more. How nice to be surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses who can testify to the meaning of hospitality, fellowship and true care.

One final note, as I laid down with Zachary last night when he was falling asleep I was praying and asking God to bring healing and explained to God no parent likes to watch their child sleep, and God immediately put the thought in my heart and spirit that He did not like watching His Son be beaten, whipped, spit upon, hit, take the sins of the world onto Himself; and then hang on the cross. It grieved the Father to watch the Son hurt, and this was intentional. It brought tears to my eyes how much it really hurt God to see Jesus suffer. You know it, but when you are going through it, there is a little more identification with what God went through. In the end I thanked God and praised God!

For those on the blog and who receive my daily Bible emails, thank you for putting up with repeated messages over the past two days. Hopefully these will be few and far between.


Michael, Debbie, Zachary and Joshua

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