Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Just a note asking for prayer for Zachary . . .

two weeks ago he had stomach flu for two days, got better, then this weekend he developed a cold, not uncommon for him, then on Monday morning he became sick with very bad stomach pain and vomiting. Went to school Tuesday, today, he was doubled over and vomiting again, we took him to the doctor and he thinks it could be some type of indigestion or heartburn, so he's now on zantac, but he threw up again tonight and has stomach pains. This bundle of nonstop energy is beat and just wants to lay down. When they took blood from him, they missed on the first attempt, and he just sat there very stoically, not wincing or complaining. He's a tough kid, but this is getting to him, so would you throw a few extra prayers for his healing.



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