Thursday, February 12, 2009


I recently read the book, I DO AGAIN.

The book is the story of Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs marriage, divorce and remarriage. Both Jeff and Cheryl were very open about their thoughts, feelings and the role God played in bringing them back together as a family.

I Do Again is an emotionally transparent love story that glorifies God and His power which is beyond our understanding. Jeff and Cheryl had a "Ken and Barbie" relationship. But their marriage was superficial and for a lot of complex emotional reasons, Cheryl had an affair. After ten years of marriage, they got divorced. Then they each became Christians and Cheryl became convinced the Lord told her to pursue reconciliation. Jeff did not hear the same message until years later, and seven years after their divorce, they remarried much to the delight of their twin daughters.

I Do Again is not a how to book. It will not tell you the 5 or 10 steps to building a healthy marriage. Yet, the book is a great reminder about the need to build a marriage with Christ as the head. This is also a book about spiritual maturity, since Cheryl and Jeff desperately needed to develop into mature Christ followers in order to fully hear and discern God's message.

We are also reminded that when God begins a work in our lives, if we are willing, we will be transformed into a new person. We are reminded it is not easy work, it is difficult, but the rewards are fantastic. We also realize that God's timetable is not ours. The signs we interpret in our favor are not always the ones we should be interpreting. That is because we see through the glass dimly and God sees clearly. Overall a good book, easy to read and one which is encouraging. Again, remember this is not a how to book, but a real story about one family's road to intimacy in marriage.

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