Saturday, February 07, 2009


Well, Zachary is feeling fine. He is eating and playing and acting his old self again. Thank God for that.

Of course, not everything is idyllic, as Joshua came home from school exhausted on Friday. Even admitting to falling asleep. He and I were supposed to go out for dinner and to the Alexandria basketball game (I rotate taking the boys out for a father/son time each month). Joshua was too tired to go, so he laid on the couch I put a blanket on him and he was in bed by 7 pm.

At 2 am Joshua was in the bathroom then into our room crying out he has the chicken pox. He had a rash from neck to thighs. He was scratching and falling on the floors. We gave him a bath with Aveeno, changed his sheets and he went back to sleep at 3 am. This morning, there were no rashes or anything. Very strange, but now he has a cough, which was coming on. We think the afghan he had was made by someone from Dearborn with a dog and the allergens got on him and away he went. This is why we have no dogs.

Anyway, he was tired all day, laid down and hopefully Sunday will be a better day.

Other than my cold, the Deutsch's, some of them are on the mend.

Just another day in the life . . .

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