Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pacers Game & Worship

After worship today we headed to Indy to watch the Pacers play the Bulls. We got there at halftime, but that was okay with the boys. We had a good time watching the game thanks to free tickets via the elementary school. The 3rd graders had a chance to get lots of free tickets and we were able to go.

This was Zachary's first time at a professional game. We've been to the Indy Indians game, but this was 'real.' He is not into basketball, but was into the game, cheering on the home team to victory.

Fun time with the family, but I'm tired. We stopped at Wendy's for dinner. I have to admit, it was not very good. As we sat there, we brought food back as did three other families. Not a good sign. But we survived.

Also . . . I heard lots of good comments about the message today. It's interesting how little we really think about forgiveness, as it pertains to us. We first need to "know" and experience the grace of Christ, before we can really hand out grace to others. We also had a fun time talking more about forgiveness to tonight at worship. I think people were stretched a little more tonight, as a continuation of this morning.

Time for night-night.

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