Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who said CHANGE?!

I like that David Bowie song . . . "Ch-ch-ch-anges!" Golly people get all rattled when they think about change in the church, yet, why do we get so excited about it?

Tonight we had a Town Hall meeting at church. I tried to get out the vision I have deep within me with the hope that everyone could be on the same page, or at least close to it.

The vision is simply that FBC will be a
church filled with CONTAGIOUS and PASSIONATE CHRIST FOLLOWERS who make a RELEVANT DIFFERENCE in the world.

I don't think it is too complicated or too radical, it's something we need to strive for.
  • How do we demonstrate our passion/enthusiasm/calling?
  • Are we really contagious because of Christ's love?
  • Are we really Christ followers or followers of a set of rules?
  • Do we make a relevant difference in the world (the world being comprised of nonChrist followers)?
There was not as much conversation as I had expected, and I'm never sure what that really means.
  • does it mean everyone is super happy and excited?
  • does it mean people are petrified and numb?
  • does it mean people think I'm just blowing hot air?
This is what it means and what it does not mean ~

It means ~ For those who think dramatic change is coming, guess again. I have not made dramatic changes in my almost 2 years at the church, and don't plan on it. Read this again . . . please!!!! Dramatic change is not going to happen!!!!

I get pretty ticked when people read way more into what I say than what I actually say. I never used the word change tonight as it pertains to FBC, that was intentional.

It does not mean ~ Change is coming! Life is filled with change and we will change, just as the church has changed over the past century; the past 25 years, the past decade; and over the past 2 years. As a living organism, the church must be constantly evolving or we die, it's that plain and simple.

The church must change in increments so that we can meet the world where they are at, because most people are not trying to break down the doors of the church. We need to see what the needs of the community are, and attempt to meet them, all the while remaining committed to the call of Christ, never compromising the message of Jesus.

What it means and what it does not mean ~ change is a constant, and the church will change, but dramatic change is not coming to FBC.

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