Friday, May 02, 2008

Billy and Miley

Have you heard about the flack about Miley showing her back and the picture below with her dad. I disagree with both pictures, and am diappointed in Billy Ray for getting caught up in this whole mess and allowing his daughter to fall prey to others for the sake of fame and money. To see Billy with his hair slicked back and Miley looking like she does is not the image I would want my daughter to portray, especially with me sitting next to her. Seems Billy is enjoying his moment of fame. Finally, to hear Miley and Billy say they didn't the pictures would look like this is a stretch since they were shown the pictures before leaving the studio. Not a smart move!

Just thought I'd give my 2 cents to the Miley issue.

This leads to the question of how do we protect those we love!?

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