Sunday, May 25, 2008

wood bees

We have an epidemic of wood bees. They look just like bumble bees, but bore holes in wood, and we have lots of them above our entrance to the house. Not sure how to rid ourselves of these new friends. I kill about 3-4 a day using a rake and smacking one with the rake, it flies off the house, and falls to the ground and I kill it.

They actually bore holes in the wood and live in the wood making little passage ways and stay in there at night and come out in the day. Any remedies would be appreciated. We can hear them above our heads in the awning in the entryway outside the house.

I learned on the internet that only the female stings and the males are guarding the entrance. The males fly around like they are crazed, often bumping into each other. There is a spray you need to spray into the holes and along the passage ways which can be up to 4 feet long.

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