Friday, May 30, 2008

Dreams Thoughts and Ruminations

Just thinking on paper. . .

What really are dreams, thoughts and ruminations? I particularly like that last word . . . ruminations. What does it mean to ruminate? It means to chew something over; literally to chew ones cud; to ponder; or to meditate. Sometimes we need to take our dreams, our thoughts and do more than let them flitter in and out just as quickly as they came in.

I really don’t think we do this well; that is, ruminate. Just a couple of thoughts ~ ~ when was the last time you allowed your dreams, not daydreams, but real dreams for life, take hold? For most people it is pretty rare. Yet, it is healthy, in fact, I would claim necessary to have dreams and thoughts and visions of what could be, not what shouldn’t be, but what should be. I don’t often let people in too deep on my dreams, most of the time you can kinda guess, but I’ll let you in on a couple of my dreams (personal and church).

Personal ~ I am passionate about Jesus, hence, I am passionate about life. It’s easy to allow life to suck the life out of you. I need to guard against that. So, personally, I want to be excited, vibrant, relevant to the world because my relationship with Jesus is exciting, vibrant, and relevant.

I want my family life to be filled with joy, excitement and healthy passion for one another. I want us to be a family of encouragers, people who look at one another and seek to find what is good and to even look at the intent of another’s actions, and look for the good in it, which leads us to be positive people.

Notwithstanding is my desire to finish my doctorate. I have about 5-7 pages left. Then I want to investigate teaching at the college level. Just one class here and there, not a full time thing. I want to be the pastor for the next 13 years at FBC. I have thoughts about a book, that I will talk to InterVarsity Press about. Talks started yesterday at the baccalaureate.

I want to be healthy . . . physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

Some really aren’t dreams, but goals or needs.

We will do church dreams in a couple of days, I might add a few more thoughts to what I have already written.

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