Monday, May 26, 2008


We are considering going to Spirit Song at King's Island for a short vacation the weekend of July 11-12. Spirit Song is a concert series at the King's Island ampitheater.

Catch this schedule for Friday and Saturday - - -

Friday, July 11
3:00pm - Group 1 Crew
3:45pm - BarlowGirl
4:45pm - Skillet
6:00pm - Jeremy Camp
7:15pm - Mark Stuart
8:15pm - Casting Crowns

Saturday, July 12
3:00pm - Stellar Kart
3:45pm - RED
4:45pm - Pillar
6:00pm - David Crowder Band
7:15pm - Tom Richter
8:15pm - tobyMac

Joshua and Zachary already like Skillet, Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns and Tobymac.

Sounds like a great weekend, weather permitting.


  1. - Skillet - check
    - Stellar Kart - check check
    - RED - check
    - DCB - check check check
    - Toby - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. so what do the 'checks' mean. I can only assume the !!!!!!!!!!!!! is your proclamation that Toby is the man!

    Don't know about DCB, RED or Stellar kart. Any clues.


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