Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hanging with Joshua

I think it still amazes me that my son wants to have dad around to eat lunch together at school. Joshua is at the age when dad's are not quite so cool, but I am honored to eat with him. It does not hurt when I bring him a McDonald's milk shake. Added to that is having a good relationship with his friends as well. Having one boy say he wants to be on my team is uplifting for an old guy like me.

After eating (I might add, if you knew what some of those kids are eating, throwing out, and not eating . . . WOW!) we went out for recess. They decided to play one giant kickball game. Joshua did well, a home run and on base every time. . . just like dad. I hung out and watched and officiated disputed calls. Also pretty cool when his girl friend ran over to me and jumped at me and we just hung out and talked for 15 minutes about family, life, allergies, shots, smoking, parents, the summer.

Pretty cool moments in the day with my boy and his friends!

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