Friday, May 30, 2008

SCHOOLS OUT . . . !!

Schools out for the summer!! The kids are thrilled, not so sure about parents.

We take Joshua and Zachary out for lunch on the last day of the year, a tradition, which developed without our knowing it (those are the fun kind). We had an addition this year, Liberty, Joshua's girl friend joined us, then came home with us and witnessed the grand unveiling of his drums. The kid was speechless, so thrilled to see how joy filled they can be.

Joshua received all A's, only he and one other student did that for all report cards. He received an honors award and a music award for being one of the top 3 band members. WAY TO GO!!

Zachary received all A's and 2 B+'s. He was only 3 points away from straight A's. He did great, especially considering we had a number of issues with his blood sugar spiking to the 3-400's and dropping as well, which does impact his concentration. So PROUD OF HIM!

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