Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ever fall asleep at night, and wake up ten minutes later, still tired, but not able to sleep. That was my night last night. Too much on the brain I guess.

I ended up not falling asleep until around 2:30, long night and longer day.

We also had a new stove delivered but we needed help installing it, since the plug was attached to the circuit breaker and Sears will not touch that. So thanks Dennis for helping. Then I had to saw away some of the molding so the oven would fit in its nice slot.

But it's in and the woodwork is mostly finished and I did not break anything or destroy anything. That is a success right there. Only a little bloodshed for Dennis and myself after he left.

You know, it was frustrating yet kind of fun to try something like that and have it not be a bust.

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