Friday, August 08, 2008

New Learnings

  • Fasted yesterday! Boy does food have power over us (especially me). All I drank was water and a little juice. My age is showing, as I had a cramp in my left calf, something with sugar helped resolve it. I was fasting for someone else, but remembered how powerful fasting can be. I need to do it more often.

Some blogs which have had recent impact upon me and which you should read as well ~
  • Read this for temptations a leader faces. It's very good and true. It is titled "WHAT LEADERSHIP DEMANDS."
  • Gary Lamb has a great post about taking the easy road vs. the more difficult road. It's for leaders, but really this applies to all of us, in the blog titled, KNOWN ROUTE VS. THE EASY ROUTE.
  • Scott Hodge gives some great advice about listening and learning in his blog, TWO EARS and ONE MOUTH.
  • Another quick hitter from Steven Furtick. Go HERE and HERE.
That's it! Enjoy and grow in Christ!

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