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Now there is a title. Ever feel like you were going on a wild goose chase. You were chasing after you tail, running in proverbial circles . . . life was getting a little too overwhelming. A number of years ago, John Eldredge referred to the Holy Spirit as the "Wild Goose." Now there is a book which talks about the Holy Spirit as the Wild Goose. What's up?

Think about the Holy Spirit this way, can you tame or catch the Holy Spirit? No, not really. This is why the Celtic Christians called the Holy Spirit a Wild Goose, you just can't tame or track the Holy Spirit, and this is the premise for the new book by Mark Batterson. This is his sequel to his great book, "In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day." In book one we are chasing a lion, today we chase a goose.

Wild Goose Chase is a quick and easy read, yet if you read it too quickly, you miss what Mark is driving at. The deeper questions I hear Mark asking is "Are you living your life the way God desires: wild, risk taking, adventurous; or are you just playing it safe until you get to heaven, then you can live?

Mark is an engaging writer, and has some great quotes. Have you ever thought about angels yawning? I never did, but consider this statement from Mark - -

Here's a thought that fired across my synapses not long ago: Do angels yawn? I know it seems like an inane theological question, but I seriously wonder if angels have the capacity to get bored. More importantly, I wonder if some of us are living such safe lives that not only are we bored, but so are our guardian angels.

Will we accept living in a cage? Or do we seek freedom, not from God, but greater dependence upon the Spirit of God which will empower us to seek to live the exceedingly abundant life Jesus offers us in John 10:10?

Wild Goose Chase will challenge you to consider how you live your life. If you are bored, you are not living the life God intended for you to live. If life is "Another day: another adventure." Then good for you, you are chasing the Wild Goose. Remember, God wants to be caught by us, He wants to be found, but after we catch Him, He gives us that sweet kiss, then dashes off, waiting and hoping and longing for us to chase after Him again.

Mark also speaks about life goals. Too many people do not set life goals, but Mark has and is checking them off his list. But our life goals should not be the simple ones, they should be big hairy audacious goals!

Remember what I have often said, "eternal life is not only the promise of a future life, but eternal life starts the day we proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior, Shepherd and Redeemer, Guide and Leader." Why wait to die to live, start living today, and this book will help encourage you to do just that.

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I recommend the book!

Pastor Michael

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