Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can You be Too Good!?

That happened to a 9 year old boy in Connecticut. He was a pitcher for his little league team and the league told him he was too good and trhew too hard (40 mph). In one game the other team walked off the fielf when he was going to pitch.

I don't get it. This was not about kids, this was all about parents not wanting their kids to lose or strike out. The amazing thing is that this kid never hit any batters.

Can you imagine the Chinese government telling a great 9 year old basketball player or gymnast they can no longer play in a league because they are too good. It's amazing what we will do . . . all for the sake of winning. What about that boys own desire to play, what might it do to him at a later date about trying something in life and remembering being rejected. Old scars do not always heal quickly, they sometimes take years and lifetimes to heal.

Click HERE to watch the story.

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