Monday, August 11, 2008

Spider Bites

Ooooooh, how ominous. Yes, spiders! Over the past few days I have killed 2 spiders, both a little bigger than we would like, and what happened when I killed them was kind of amazing and disconcerting. You see, when I squished the spiders, their little babies came pouring out. There must have been about 30-50 little babes running around. I had bug spray close enough and that barely stopped them. But I think I was able to get rid of them all.

Two points -

1. Next time you go to kill a spider at this time of year, beware of springing more baby spiders into your home.
2. Those babies were really hard to kill with insect spray.
3. God is pretty amazing with creation. I don't like spiders, yet, the miracle of life, even spider life was pretty amazing.

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