Sunday, August 24, 2008


The Spirit is Moving

Just a quick thought about our worship lately. I have been feeling the Spirit, note capital “S” moving throughout the church over the past 6 weeks. I've heard many comments about this feeling. We have not had one week where someone did not come forward for prayer, to accept Christ, or to join the church. The singing seems to have intensified (great job Pastor Doug and team). As I was waiting to baptize Aubree this morning, I heard the congregation break into spontaneous applause after My Savior Lives.

I received this email after worship - - - “Had to share how excited I am on Sunday mornings to see so much happening at the end of our services. I love a baptism every week and not just quarterly. I know there is extra work involved to get things ready, but it is such am impact on those of us in the pews. A weekly reminder of our own Big Event! And a fresh testimony to anyone sitting on the fence. These victories are what it is all about! YEAH! I needed to share how awesome God is working in our midst.”

Amen to that!!

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