Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saturday - The Concert

We checked out and drove to World Pulse Festival looking forward to a great day in the sun. It was packed. Pictures to come later. There were an estimated 25 - 30,000 people there. We got there later and put our chairs pretty far in the back and starting walking around. Eventually we walked closer to the stage area and I found a little area in a sea of people that was open. Debbie and the boys stayed there and I began the journey to locate 3 chairs and carry them without smacking people and eventually made it.
  • It was not too hot, but Zachary has trouble with the sun beating on him and a few times we needed to walk to the display tents and get some water and get out of the sun.
  • The first group was C3. They were from Australia. They were okay.
  • Next was Mandisa, a former backup singer with Tobymac and runner up in American Idol. She was good, but I missed most of her because I was with Zachary, cooling off.
  • Then it was Skillet. They were loud and awesome. They led off with their hit song called "Comatose." They were really good. They know how to get into a rock mode.
  • Then came Tobymac. If you've never seen Toby at work and the whole group. It is a show, not just a concert. Their actions, their fun on stage is obvious. Toby in did 2 dives into the crowd. He just runs and dives in the air and lands on a sea of people. Not bad for a 44 year old guy.
  • Then was Casting Crowns. They seemed much tamer and milder than when I saw them about 3 years ago. They were good, but their concert was more of a worship service than a concert. Not bad, but we were in the rock mode. But they are good nonetheless.
Favorites for Joshua were Skillet and Tobymac. For Zachary it was Tobymac. I have to admit it is so cool to see my boys singing along with Skillet, Tobymac and Casting Crowns.

While in the tent I also won a bean bag toss contest. From bethel College near South Bend, you had to throw in 3 consecutive bean bags in the top hole from about 15 feet away. The first bean bag landed just in front of the hole. The next one made it, then I threw a line drive to hit the first bean bag and knock it in and both went in.

Overall, a great weekend, filled with great music and fun. We need to bring a group to World Pulse next year. Tickets are free, you just have to pay shipping and handling for the tickets and pay for parking. Well worth the price.

If you ever want to see Toby in action, we have a live DVD of a concert, which is exactly what they do. Just turn the speakers up, sit back and rock away with Toby and Diverse City. One last comment on the name of the band. You notice it is called Diverse City. But when you say the name fast, it comes out diversity. That is intentional and cool.

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