Monday, March 03, 2008

Comfort Zones

It is always great to hear about people, churches and organizations that are stepping out in faith to achieve things that most people would think were impossible. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve found numerous examples of people jumping way out of the ‘comfort zone’ to attempt huge things for the Kingdom. Here are a couple that come to mind ~

Liberty University recently announced an initiative to plant 500 new churches in the next five years. Imagine 500 brand new churches, with fresh vision and vitality to help a world desparately in need of Jesus to experience Jesus in new and fresh ways!

On the other coast, Pastor John Bishop and Living Hope Church in Vancouver, WA recently announced plans to start six brand new campuses ON EASTER. That’s six brand new churches starting on one day! (Living Hope already maxes out SEVEN weekend services at their main campus). This God-sized vision will become a reality in the next few weeks. . . and many people will come to faith!

Naperville Community Church started two new multi-site churches yesterday, with a total attendance being about 1100 at the two services combined.

What have you and I done that caused us to step out of our comfort zone lately? I love this quote from Perry Noble, pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in the US: “God couldn’t give a RIP about your comfort–He simply wants you to be obedient, and at times that means facing things head on that scare you and completely take you out of your comfort zone.”

Has God given you a dream that scares you to death. (I hope so!) Maybe you’ve been staying in your comfort zone for too long. Maybe God doesn’t want you to start 500 hcurches in five years; or six new campuses in one day . . .

. . . but what DOES he want you to do?

Pastor Michael

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