Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Reflections

Reflections from my Bible reading this week ~

Matthew 21:13 - may God look at our church according to the former, not the latter. . .
Matthew 21:14 - and may this be what happens in our church. . . to the glory of God.
Matthew 21:19 - May my tree and yours prosper, not wither.
Matthew 21:21-22 - Can you imagine having this power in prayer?! It’s there and available, so why don’t we have it?
Matthew 21:24 - I love the way Jesus answered questions with questions. There is a leadership principle there.
Matthew 21:44 - Have we really fallen on the stone and been broken to the point of repentance and true faith in Jesus?
Matthew 22:3, 5- when invited to the feast of Christ, do we make excuses to not attend.
Matthew 22:14 - and when we attend, how prepared are we? If not, the image of what happens is very sobering.
Matthew 22:46 - After taking question after question, they finally stopped, because the wisdom of Jesus far surpassed what the enemies could imagine. May we gain the wisdom of Christ for our lives.

Tomorrow - we look at what is called the “Seven Woes" from Matthew 23.

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