Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekend thoughts

I wanted to go back to last Saturday for a moment. There was a breakfast at our church on Saturday which featured a great deal of praying and a speaker named Kojak Fuller. Kojak was a former Mr. Indiana bastketball player who ended up in prison due to poor choices and since his imprisonment has come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

There was singing, a great deal of praying for the community, schools, pastors, along with a number of men rededicating their lives to Christ. It was a time of worship and celebration. Something which is needed on a regular basis as we hopefully band together as brothers and sisters in Christ to win our community to Christ.

I liked the praise teams song "Breathe." It's one of my favorite meditation songs, a great call for each of us to be desperate for God, for He is the air we breathe.

Thank you to Kevin Thompson for his filling in after Ernie's retirement, leading choir and worship. Also, thanks to Kevin for his strength to hold me up when I jumped on him at worship. I was just trying to jump up to match his height, I didn't expect him to catch me and hold me.

Remember this Sunday we talk about Fasting. It's a good week to talk about it, since we are entering Holy week. Have you ever fasted? There are many different styles of fasting, which we will talk about on Sunday and in the study guides.

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