Tuesday, March 25, 2008

UnChristian Quote

A quote from the book UnChristian (it's about why the 20-35 y/o generation is not enthused with the church) -

"The real problem comes when we recognize God’s holiness but fail to articulate the other side of his character: grace. Jesus represents truth plus grace (see John 1:14). Embracing truth without holding grace in tension leads to harsh legalism, just as grace without truth devolves to compromise. Still, the important insight based on our research is that Mosaics and Busters rarely see Christians who embody service, compassion, humility, forgiveness, patience, kindness, peace, joy, goodness, and love."

That's quite a statement about the church. Why is this the case.

I spoke with a family today, who are grieving the death of their son, and because they left their former church, nobody from that church would call to offer condolences. Not only will I offer hope for their son's loss, but for the loss of friends ("Christian" friends no less). My funeral message will be one of hope. Because we have hope through Christ.

Is that how the world sees us? We need to examine ourselves to make sure we represent Christ with honor, glory and respect.

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