Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday Reflections

Fasting is not the most popular subject, but I heard some positive comments about God's call for us to fast.

Some said my pictures of food was very enticing and they left church hungrier than ever. It's amazing to think about the power food has over us. Even dark chocolate proclaims health benefits having antioxidants. I guess I'll go have a candy bar to hold off that oncoming cold.

I am sure Doug was glad to get day 1 under his belt. It's great to have him onboard, leading music and helping set up visitation and assimilation plans. It was cool to see Doug's passion leading worship singing. I look forward to his ideas and visions for worship. We think alike, but come at things differently, so we should stretch each other, which ultimately helps the church.

It's also been fun to sit and talk with Damon and Doug on some mornings, catching up with ideas, dreams and visions for the church and our personal lives.

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