Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday fun

Needed to take time to spend with the boys on their spring break.

So, we went to Chuck E. Cheese to play games. Bring your child's report card and get 15 free tokens, that meant 30 free tokens for the boys. That's a good deal. Joshua and Zachary accumulated 178 tickets, they are saving for something special, not sure what, but they are saving and counting tickets.

Next it was on to Sights and Sounds and look at drum sets. We've been to Guitar Center, who has a bigger selection, but Joshua wanted to go, so it was part of the adventure. One cool thing was listening to the Christian music played overhead.

Then to the mall for a quick trip, which turned out to be an hour trip and time spent at the bookstore, along with a huge cookie for the boys. I did have a sample of a brownie (one bite) and it was fabulous.

Then we went to Texas Roadhouse. Good food, lots of peanuts, and full stomachs. I could only eat 4 ribs, I over did it, but didn't do what I would normally do.

Then a couple of quick stops before coming home.

Part of the treat for good behavior was play station time and the boys sleeping on their sleeping bags in Joshua's room.

What a fun night with the boys. They were fun to hang with.

It's almost midnight and time for things to wind down around here.

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