Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NCAA Tournament

Hey all - It's time to pick your winners. Who is going to win the men's and women's NCAA tournaments. Get your picks in now. If you pick the winners in both categories, I buy you dinner! Let's have some fun with this one. I'll post mine tomorrow morning. You will note the time they are posted, so it will not be after Thursday night's games.

By the way, this weekend is my favorite weekend of sports - 32 basketball games Thursday and Friday and 16 more on Saturday and Sunday, and there will be a few upsets along the way.

Happy picking!!


  1. Purdue Women all the way! They would do much better if Jodi Howell (Indiana Miss Basketball)was playing and will be much better next year with her back in the game. Of course, I'm prejudice since she is my best friends daughter.

  2. Didn't she have knee injury? I hope they go far, but I think Tenn or Conn will win it, it seems one of those 2 usually does.

    I wish I was here when Jodi played. It would have been awesome to see here in action and someone from Alexandria getting state wide attention.


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